Helpful Photography Links

1) To find the sunrise & sunset times in any area. This is a worthy bookmark for nature photographers.

2) The website of the late Galen Rowell who embodied the spirit and adventure of what outdoor photography is all about. By far, my favorite nature photographer. Galen was also a gifted writer. His book "Mountain Light" is a must read.

3) How to Find the Perfect Tripod - a detailed piece I wrote for the New York Institute breaks down all the considerations when deciding on the best tripod. 

4) John Shaw's Nature Photography Field Guide is a wonderfully written, informative book which covers advanced photography techniques, and also features a beautiful selection of his world renowned work.

5) If you are just starting to get into off camera lighting, check out this informative link.

6) For even more off camera lighting fun, check out Lighting 101 at the Strobist blog.

7) The website of Pulitzer prize winning photographer, Vince Laforet. Recently recognized as one of the "100 Most Influential People in Photography".

8) An interview with the thought provoking photographer, Duane Michaels.

9) For technical reviews on cameras and lenses, there is no better resource than dpreview.

10) I often use Exposure 5 from Alien Skin to achieve a "signature look" in post production with just a few simple clicks. 

11) For a wide variety of filters, including Neutral Density in stops of 2, 3, and 4, check out the filter connection. I use the soft edge filters from HiTech.

12) Think you have a great bird photo? Enter it into the Birder's World weekly photo contest.

13) I use the Kirk BH-3 ballhead. They also sell quick release plates, window mounts, and other various accessories.

14) Here is a terrific pdf magazine "Clarity" to learn about, and appreciate the art of photography.

15) For high quality prints from your digital files, try You can upload uncompressed tiffs, and choose several custom options.

16) The Sports Shooter website features in depth monthly newsletters, daily topics, and active forums geared towards working Photojournalists. They occasionally post informative videos on advanced situations like setting up remotes at sporting events.

17) People often ask me which camera they should buy. Here is an interesting article which discusses why your camera choice may not be as important as you think. Read this, it could save you some money.

18) If you haven't already, check out your local camera club. It can be a great way to share information and tips with other photographers.

19) This blog provides a look into the mind of a Photo Editor.

20) The company I've been using to host this website and blog is Squarespace, and I've been very pleased with them. 

21) "Chased by the Light" is an inspirational DVD about photographer Jim Brandenburg's personal assignment to take just one click of the shutter each day for 90 days. The results may surprise you.


22) Every week you can compete in the "Thursday Challenge". It's all about fun and learning.

23) The Photographer's Ephemeris is a useful app to determine the exact location of the sunrise/sunset and moon. I use this to plan my shoots with their nifty iPad app but they also have a free desktop version. 

24) Check out the tutorials over at PicsArt, they also have terrific mobile editing apps for your images. 

25) This map gives details and directions on natural areas all over Long Island. It's a great site for finding new places to explore and photograph.

26) At the Canvas Factory, their mission is simple: They want to make photo canvas printing easy and affordable for everyone. They provide the best canvas, acrylic glass and aluminium printing services to ensure that your photos are preserved perfectly as wall art, at the lowest price possible. 

Chris Corradino