How the Earth was First Photographed from the Moon

In this fascinating video, you are looking at a recreation of the historic moments that led up to the famous "Earthrise" photograph. Easily one of the most interesting videos I've seen on YouTube, I've watched it several times, and have also listed some of the most memorable lines from the astronauts below. Enjoy!

Some of my favorite lines from the Astronauts include:

William Anders: "Oh my God look at that picture over there! There's the Earth coming up. Wow, is that pretty!"

He shoots the first frame in black and white, before saying "Hand me a roll of color, quick, would you." Desperate to catch the shot and still waiting for the film, he pleads again..."Hurry. Quick. Just grab me a color. A color exterior, hurry up." 

By time he gets the film, the Earth disappears from Anders window. You can hear the dissapointment in his voice,  "well, I think we missed it."

The historic Earthrise photo almost never happened because they didn't have the film ready!

Thankfully, as the vessel rotated, the crew had a second chance...

The excitement builds and you hear James Lovell proclaim: "Bill I got it framed, it's very clear right here. Take several, take several of 'em! Here give it to me."

Anders stays cool…"Wait a minute, just let me get the right setting here now, just calm down. Calm down, Lovell!"

Lovell then reads off the camera settings with the shutter speed and aperture: "Two-fifty at f/11."

The shutter was fast enough to freeze any motion, while f11 provided great depth of field. When shooting film, it was always wise to bracket exposures. Knowing this, Lovell says to Anders, "Now vary-vary the exposure a little bit."

Anders took three photos, one of which became one of the most famous images of the 20th century. 

Chris Corradino