How to Relax About Money

Call it my Ramen Noodle period, those lean years when I struggled to find my way as an artist. With an over drafted bank account, little gas in my car, and a landlord ready to evict me, I spent a great deal of time reading inspirational self-help books in the local library.

Coming from a family that preferred the "safe route" opting for government or civil service jobs, it took a great deal of personal work to break free from this fear of failure. Considering recent studies on epigenetics, this proved quite challenging, and took nearly 10 years of tiny micro-movements to build the nerve to leap. My decision was simple...put all of my efforts into succeeding at something, rather than preparing to fail, and settling on a backup plan. 

At the time, I wasn't sure if my path would be music, poetry, or photography. The only certainty was a burning desire to express myself creatively, help others, and do something that mattered.  In those darker moments when it seemed my goals were just too far out of reach, I kept returning to this single page to re-focus my efforts. It was written by SARK, who authored several books that remain on my shelves to this day.  

Chris Corradino