Idyllic Dawn in DC

Crossed a massive river as we neared DC. I checked the GPS for the name, and what a fascinating Indian word it is, "Susquehanna", meaning "Oyster River". We'd come a long way from NY, five hours flat to DC on a half tank of gas. This was the first time I've opted to drive rather than taking mass transit. Figured I'd have more freedom if not bound by the bus schedule. 

Up early in the darkness at 5am, gulped some bad hotel coffee, hailed a cab, and made my way to the Tidal Basin. It may not be peak season, but there sure are Cherry Blossoms! I used the flowers to frame the Jefferson Memorial at dawn.


The light was magnificent with pastel hues forming on the horizon. With no winds to disrupt the waters, the reflection was mirror-like. Used my Canon 6D with 17-40mm lens on a tripod. To add some subtle detail to the flowers I used a 580EXII flash at a reduced output. More technical than I usually get, but worth it for this scene. Made this shot, and then continued around the Basin.  More to come...