Alternatives to Instagram

Instagram is free, but at what cost?  How about exclusive rights to your photos!  It’s true, Instagram will now sell your photos without giving you a single cent. If you have an account and value your images, delete your profile before January 16th or forever hold your peace.  

These new terms of service are extremely disappointing, especially coming from a company that built itself up on the shoulders of photographers.  

For users who enjoy sharing images with an online community, there are still ways to do so without Instagram!  The answer does not lie with Facebook or Twitter, but actually, your own website/blog.

The feature I’m about to describe is currently possible with my Squarespace account.  Please note, Tumblr, Blogger, and Wordpress all have slightly different variations of this which would also work. The key is that you retain all the rights to your photos shared online!  From there, you can share a link to the image/gallery on whatever social media site you want.  

The process works with a unique email address associated with your account.  Simply attach a photo from a mobile device add the subject line and the caption info and send.  Your image will then appear on the gallery associated with that unique email address! I've been using this for "Behind the Scenes" shots from my travels and photo workshops. Below is a screen shot of the simple process on an iPhone.

Chris Corradino