Is It The Same Guy? You Decide

The first photo was captured on a blazing hot morning in Manhattan. It was June 8th, and breathing was already difficult. The only breeze was the toxic vapor of passing buses. Turning the corner onto 43rd street I looked up to see this face staring back at me. I took one photo and instantly knew I had found an interesting character. 

Fast forward, six months later to Christmas season. This time, I was in vicinity of Times Square when this person with a Santa hat caught my attention. I shot a few hasty pictures and moved on. The image was nothing remarkable, but I kept it. The face seemed familiar but I couldn't quite place it. 

While reorganizing images in Lightroom, I scanned these two images within a few minutes of each other. That's when it struck me. It's the same guy!

To be sure, I called Sue in for her opinion. She asked me to zoom in to look for identifying birthmarks. Notice the mole by his mouth. 

In a city of more than 8 million people, I somehow managed to photograph the same subject twice!

Too many photographers are quick to delete images that aren't "keepers". Yet, considering how the cost of memory decreases each year, I think its best to save all of your work. You just never know when they'll be useful. For more on this subject, check out my recent piece for NYIP. It'll make you think twice before deleting anything.

Chris Corradino