It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Winter

Here are some photos captured around Manhattan in the last week or so. All were taken with the pocket sized Olympus OMD EM-10. With the temperature dropping quickly, many New Yorkers have resorted to wearing the puffiest, warmest jacket they own. 

Even before Thanksgiving, signs of Christmas were visible. Now with December fully underway, the holiday displays are on nearly every corner. Herald Square and the area around Macy's is always one of my favorite spots with festive windows and a nicely decorated pocket park. Rather than waiting for a lull in foot traffic, I opted to include people in this scenes. It gives an added layer of depth and human interest. 

Early one evening, I turned to look at the Empire State Building and had to stop to make a photo. A dense layer of low lying fog shrouded the top half, making it appear rather ordinary. Through that fog however, stands one of the most iconic structures in NYC. While its design is a bit boxy, and architecturally speaking it's not as interesting as the Flat Iron Building, I still make a point to look up and appreciate it. I guess for many New Yorkers it's just routine. As a photographer, I never want to take anything for granted. 

The next morning, I took a detour to Madison Park to photograph the Flat Iron Building through the bare trees. The chill of morning was tolerable, though I realized my gloves had somehow developed holes sometime over the summer? I prefer the thin type that allow me to feel and operate the camera dials. Perhaps a new pair will be in my stocking this year. 

While in this area, I also photographed the Met Life Tower at f22 to further enhance the appearance of the sun beams scattering through the buildings. If flare is something you typically try to avoid, you may want to reconsider as it can be very interesting. Check my article "Don't Freak Out Over Flare". 

Weary commuters can now enjoy a bit of holiday cheer as Amtrak decorated their part of Penn Station nicely. It's quite dark in this area, making an incredibly high ISO necessary for a proper exposure.  For some tips on how to prevent underexposed photos by using the ISO, check my photo tutorial here.