Join Me in Tuscany this Autumn

For the last 17 years, Il Chiostro, Inc. has held magnificent workshops in the most splendid parts of Italy.  This year, I'm thrilled to join their team as an Instructor.  It's called the Autumn Arts Festival, and I'll be leading the photography workshop in Tuscany from October 25th to November 3rd!   This is special 10-day celebration of the arts, the harvest, the wine and this wonderful region of Italy.  For more details, and to reserve your space, visit online here.  I'm honored to be part of this fine program and hope you can join us. 

Program Description -  Tuscany in Autumn offers passionate photographers a magnificent opportunity to create dynamic images of Italy. During this spectacular 10 day workshop, you will work closely with Chris Corradino, your Instructor, to not only master the technical aspects of photography, but also to develop your unique creative vision.

 Whether you have recently embarked on your photographic journey, or are a seasoned photographer, each day holds limitless opportunity for artistic growth. By learning how to control your camera and utilize its features creatively, you will begin to create photographs that surpass what was previously possible. 

Some of the techniques that will be covered include:

  • creative use of aperture and shutter speed
  • using flash
  • understanding white balance
  • demystifying the histogram
  • manual exposure
  • utilizing new camera features such as Live View
  • filters
  • composition
  • focusing techniques
  • working with different directions of light

Rather than limiting this workshop to one particular style of photography, these ten days will encompass a wide range of subjects such as low light landscapes, candid and street scenes, portraits, and macro work.

When we are not out capturing photos, you will enjoy informative presentations designed to strengthen the concepts taught in the field. Your journey culminates with a slideshow of images that span the trip.

Here is a short video on the Il Chiostro experience.

Chris Corradino