Leaving Lazy Compositions Behind

The sun was setting as I departed our ship "The Corinthian", docked for the night in the port of Igoumenitsa, Greece. I took notice of the pleasant light and made a quick "lazy" photo as seen below. No real thought went into it besides getting a decent exposure. The cab was waiting to take us into town, but I recognized that with just a bit more effort I could capture something much more unique.  


I took the next 60 seconds or so to quickly walk around the area and noticed a much better angle with the sun kissing the bottom of the ship. The exposure is much different as I wanted to mostly silhouette it, and purposely underexposed the scene.

photo (1).jpg

In checking the exif data on in Lightroom, this second shot was captured just 2 minutes after the initial attempt.  

Today with zoom lenses doing most of the heavy lifting for us, I think it's easy to be lulled into a lazy method of composition. We stand in one place, zoom in and out, and shoot. Try to challenge yourself to break this habit and move about. The view may be better from just a few feet away. 


Chris Corradino