Had an awesome lesson teaching Lightroom tonight. It's funny how Photoshop is literally no longer part of my workflow. The first goal is to get the shot as close to done as possible in the camera. Then, LR is perfect for making some minor adjustments. Of course if heavier edits are needed, it can handle that as well with tools like the adjustment brush and the graduated filter.

OK geek camera gear talk: This shot is straight out of the camera as I shot on the "Monochrome 2" mode in the PenF. It all goes back to the theory that less is often more. With the built in Wi-Fi feature I can transfer directly to my phone where I also have the lightroom app. This way it's possible to upload to the web within minutes of capture. Everything I've posted recently was taken with a single focal length, the 20mm f1. 7 by Panasonic. It's a tiny pancake lens that barely protrudes from the camera. On the m43 sensor it's actually an effective 40mm. It still takes filters like polarizers, etc. The more I use it, the more I realize that some of my zoom lenses may be on the used gear market soon.

Geek talk continued: I'm considering adding the Olympus 45mn f1. 8 prime as it is known for having great bokeh, fast focus and a 90mm effective focal length. All of this in a tiny, inexpensive package. Once that happens, the 12-40mm becomes redundant and no longer needed. I think it's going to become a reality soon, making it the smallest, lightest set up I've ever had.

Chris Corradino