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Mind Over Megapixels

"The 14 Secrets of Great Photography"

Whether you’re a true beginner with a pocket sized camera, or a seasoned professional with years of experience, the 14 Secrets of Great Photography were designed to power you to the next level. Despite what the manufacturers want you to believe, creativity can't be withdrawn from an ATM machine. Strip away all of the marketing hype, instant rebates, and sales pitch propaganda, and you are left with a light gathering box. To create compelling art, we must train our mind, not the machine.

We all reach plateaus where growth stalls and our best efforts slip into a rut. The following ideas are a way to clear these obstructions and discover your true artistic potential. You won’t find instructions on setting custom white balance or determining the proper flash ratios here. That type of technical information is widely available on the dull pages of instruction manuals. These are proven methods to unlock your creative vision. With practice, you'll begin to see more clearly than even the most sophisticated of cameras.

This book contains 6,000 words and is fully illustrated with color images.  Sample images below:

Chris Corradino