Perfection is not the Goal

I've been listening to an eclectic mix of podcasts lately and found this particular episode of "Remarkably Human" quite powerful. In it, Roderick Russell interviews Dr. Stan Beecham, a treasure trove of inspiration. For those looking to fulfill their potential, Beecham offers splendid insight early in the conversation. 

"What you believe about yourself and your world is the primary determinant to what you do and ultimately how well you do it."

Perfection is not the goal, doing your best is. Making mistakes is just part of the human experience. To be perfect he says, "is to be inhuman."

Passion can be stymied by fear. "No one is better or faster than you, only less afraid." 
He explains that fear/stress/anxiety is ever-present, almost to the point where we aren't aware of it anymore. To help break this cycle, Beecham suggests you ask yourself "What am I afraid of", then play out the worst case scenario. Chances are, the things we fear most will not happen. 

The entire podcast is fascinating, including the commentary on competition and teamwork. Listen to the full piece here

InspirationChris Corradino