Perspective is Everything

I refuse to complain about the weather and add to the array of commentary that already exists on the train, in the streets, riding the elevator. Does it make life harder? Absolutely. Yet, I'm finding something metaphorical in this wicked season. When life takes its shots you have to hit back with positivity. 


Perspective once seemed like a simple word to define one's point of view. Yet, each day I spend on this earth it takes on new importance. While it would be an oversimplification, it is fair to say perspective is everything, both in life and photography.


I know some of you live in a true arctic climate like Wisconsin, Minnesota, and well, Atlanta. The worst winter I ever experienced was in the Great Lakes region, not far from Chicago. The shores of Lake Michigan were actually frozen with waves seemingly suspended mid-curl. It was around this time I was first introduced to the Windy City face mask. Without the proper apparel your face can literally chap (see Tom Coughlin). So today, with real feel temperatures around 6 degrees, I'm once again resorting to these methods. The goal is to cover the most possible flesh while leaving slits just large enough to see the path ahead. Peripheral vision is overrated, at least for now.


No matter how bitter it is, one can always fall back on indoor photography. What better way to beat the deep freeze than lingering in a climate controlled arboretum. These daffodils were in full bloom surrounded by colorful fauna and a shadowy background. These types of high contrast scenes are ideal when you want the subject to stand apart rather then blend in to the scene. The photo is a reminder that despite the current deep freeze, Winter will soon lose its grip and make way for the inevitable start of Spring. 


Chris Corradino