If creativity was a weed, it would grow and multiply with little to no effort. Yet unlike those stubborn dandelions, photographic inspiration is a delicate seed that needs daily care before its bloom can be appreciated. I know it can be difficult if not impossible for us to pick up a camera everyday when facing long to-do lists of responsibilities. Yet thankfully you can still improve your photography with just a few minutes of daydreaming. Ansel Adams called this "the ability to anticipate a finished image before making the exposure". 

The process involves previsualizing a shot and asking "what if". For example, after working through the technical considerations like the depth of field, shutter speed, ISO, lens of choice, composition, filters, etc, you allow your imagination to roam.  Maybe that pink rose would be even better with a butterfly on it, or a couple of dew drops.  Perhaps a scenic bridge would be more unique on a foggy day with pedestrians holding umbrellas. Once you see these shots in your mind's eye, you can capture them with your camera. 


Gotta run for now.  In the meantime, I encourage you to check out the wide variety of creative efforts I'm posting to Pinterest

Chris Corradino