Reaching For the Sun

I love the tilt screen on my EM1 and EM10 as it makes it easy to work from extremely low angles without contorting my neck. This was captured with the EM10, which is a huge bargain on Amazon right now. Granted, it lacks the weatherproofing, and phase detect AF of the EM1, and settles for 3 axis image stabilization as opposed to 5, but it's still a tiny powerhouse capable of stunning results.

For this shot, I paired it with a Panasonic 42.5 f/1.2 which I'm testing out (thanks Borrow Lenses!). I just unpacked it this morning and have only used it once, so much too early for a review. First impressions are that it's well made, feels like metal, a bit front heavy on the small EM10 even with the 3rd party grip. It does focus fast and is definitely sharp. It's also pretty incredible to open all the way to f/1.2. I'll definitely have more to say about the lens after using it for a few weeks. 

Here it is wide open at f/1.2. I love how soft the out-of-focus areas appear. This was also captured on the EM10, which I've long been referring to as the most underrated mirrorless camera on the market.