Reader Questions Answered, Part II

Reader Questions Answered

I recently put out a request for your questions under the premise that no inquiry was too basic or advanced.  Here are three which I thought would be helpful for everyone to read.



Q: How do you make a copyright symbol on a Mac, and a Windows computer?

A:  To create the © symbol on a Mac, hold the OPTION key and press G. For Windows, hold the ALT key and type 0169 using the number pad on the right side of the keyboard. 

Q:  I want to start a home portrait studio, can you help me pick a back drop? 

A:  For backgrounds, I really like this adjustable model which can fit from 4 feet to 10x12, perfect for an individual or a family.

Then you can hang 10x12 muslin backdrops like this in white:

and this in grey:

Q:  I feel kind of foolish but after fighting with my new reflector for 15 minutes, I still can't get it back to it's folded shape. Help!

A:   Don't feel bad, you're definitely not the first person to struggle with this.  Thankfully, there is a trick to it which is demonstrated in this helpful video.



Chris Corradino