Sangiovese Sunrise

It's always so rewarding to hear from clients who purchase prints for their home or business.  This particular scene was the result of a long early morning hike on one of my last mornings in Tuscany.  The sun came over the mountains and I positioned myself down low in order to create the sunburst with a small aperture.  The light streamed through the Sangiovese vineyards, perfectly aligned and leading all the way to the mountains in the distance.  


"Chris, Just wanted to drop you a line to let you know the photo was a H U G E hit.  My wife loved it !!!  She said the 'sunburst' was the icing on the cake for the photo.  She thought the signature and name was a nice touch as well.  Thanks so much for making the gift possible... 

I thought you would enjoy seeing your photo hanging on the wall." - JF


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Chris Corradino