Shooting from the Hip in NYC

Here are some recent images from my travels around Manhattan. 

A woman files a complaint against a man who allegedly confronted her in front of St. Agnes church on 43rd street.

Meanwhile, the man explains his side of the story to another officer while holding a Bible.

If you look at the right side of the photo, you'll see my technique for shooting from the hip. Notice the camera is not up at my eye. I do this to catch the natural side of human behavior, unposed and raw. 

Sometimes, this approach leads to surprising results like this image, seemingly a split screen between two walks of life.


Sometimes, the interaction between people and the backgrounds make for interesting studies.

Window washers at work on 32nd street. The upward angle is emphasized by the ultra wide 17-40mm lens. 

The views in Central Park require a more deliberate approach to composition. Here, the colors of early spring are blooming around the lake. 

Chris Corradino