I located this small island on the north shore of Long Island on a chilly afternoon in winter. It evokes emotions of solitude and strength despite the vast unknown. Storms, dark times and challenges roll through our lives when we least expect it. All we can do is trust that there's a reason, and work to find ways to handle it constructively. Perhaps that's why I love photography so much. It forces me to take whatever is presented, and make something beautiful regardless of the circumstances. 

📷 Camera Nerd Details: I carry a 4 stop soft edge graduated neutral density filter with me wherever I go. It's an invaluable tool for creating dramatic skies in a landscape photo. Are there ways to do this in post production? Yes, but it's not nearly as straightforward as doing it in the camera at the time of exposure. Plus, editing images takes time, something a lot of us don't have on a daily basis. Using this simple filter method is so effective and only costs about thirty bucks. Check the ones by @formatthitech on Amazon. You won't be disappointed.