Offline Portfolio Solution by Squarespace

As many of you know, I've been a long time Squarespace user for both my website and blog. Now, I'm really excited to write about their new "Portfolio" app which is free for users with an account. The app actually syncs with your online galleries and provides the ability to show a portfolio on an iPad or iPhone while enjoying a clean, sophisticated presentation.  The one-touch sync makes it very painless to update before heading out to meet with a client. 


The background options are classic, with either black or white.  I prefer the white, rather than some bold distracting color. The layout can also be customized to your needs. 

Some other features include:

-Saves high-resolution images locally, so you can showcase your work without relying on an internet connection.

-Easily email your images by tapping and holding an image in gallery view.

-App detects and stores images from galleries using one-step synchronization with any Squarespace account.

-Free with Squarespace account


Now, rather than paying for and working with a separate app like Foliobook, everything is tied directly to your website.  You can even create secret galleries in a hidden folder on your site and sync your device from there! 

Best of all, the experience is unbranded with no annoying ads or pop ups to distract from your work.  

This is available now on the app store.

Chris Corradino