Stills from the GoPro Hero 3

When I took the dogs down to the lake I wasn't sure if the waterproof housing would actually work and protect the camera as advertised. Thankfully it held up like a champ and I have photos to share from the test. It's always better to try new gear in a no-pressure environment rather than on assignment. In less than 2 months I'll be working to capture the underwater life and shipwrecks in the Caribbean.


 My goal for the GoPro is to take high quality video that is also suitable to pull still images from. This footage will compliment the photos I shoot with my DSLRs.  To be clear, the GoPro can be used to shoot stills as well, but I thought it would be cumbersome to try and push the shutter at the desired moment while underwater. 


As you can see, the camera does an admirable job on high contrast situations. The colors are bold and vibrant, and the overall resolution is sufficient to print from. On all of the shots, the sky was a bit too aqua for my liking and needed to get adjusted in Lightroom (LR). On backlit subjects there was a bit of chromatic abberation but again this was easy to fix with one click in LR. The only other post production was cropping, and a hint of vibrance (15) and saturation (2).  I am careful not to overdo these settings and opt for a "less in more" approach.


For the final backlit shot of Opal running into the sun, I wanted to try a B&W to really accentuate the sparkling water, the splashes, her shape, and the sun beams and flare. I brought the file from LR into Exposure 5 from Alien Skin and within a minute or two I created this beautiful action shot complete with a  distressed border, and texture. 


The cool thing about working with this camera is the wide array of new perspectives that become possible. It removes all boundaries with it's tiny, waterproof body able to go anywhere. As a result, I was able to practically get into the action, not worrying about splashes ruining my lens or soaking a DSLR. Any tool that allows one to expand their creative efforts is well worth it.  


Chris Corradino