Taking it One Step Further

Although I've photographed the Brooklyn Bridge many times, it's hard to tire of a scene so spectacular. The skyline is always evolving, and the newly completed World Trade building was certainly a welcome addition. In order to create something different, I laid the camera directly on the wet rocks and placed the cap beneath the lens. No tripod needed. Using manual focus and live view, I made sure the bridge and buildings would be sharp. With almost no light left to work with, a 20 second exposure was necessary. After pressing the shutter, I guarded the camera to protect it from foot traffic. Thankfully, no boats passed, as they create large enough waves to ruin photography gear in a hurry. The shot is unique from my past captures. It symbolizes the spirit in which I like to photograph. I want to be free from the constraints of rules and boundaries. Always pushing things a little bit further, searching for the unseen angle. 

Chris Corradino