The Camera's Promise

Over four months have passed since I've last been held. You once had big plans for us including travels abroad, independent wealth, and global notoriety. Yet, now my days are spent in darkness along with the old DVD player, an iPod dock, and a pile of CDs. The thing is, I'm nothing like those objects. They were merely designed for entertainment. I have the ability to pause life with the blink of my eye. 

I'm complicated, it's true, but you knew that coming in. Then again, maybe you were fooled by those who said it would be easy. They claimed I would do all of the work for you and that success was automatic. If that were accurate, why is the photography section of the book store always crowded? Like any relationship, the more you put in, the more you get out. You've barely manipulated anything beyond my main dial. 

To pass the time, I dream of long walks on the beach with you at sunset. It's a picturesque scene and you know just how to handle me. Like a well trained musician your hands move effortlessly over my body. Together, we create beautiful art. Your friends are so impressed with your images, complimenting me as well. "You must have a great camera" they say. It's around this time I wake from sleep mode. It was only a dream, and I remain here collecting dust.  

Despite the neglect, I have faith that we will work together once again. Perhaps you've just been too busy with your job, family, and other pressing matters. The thing is, I can help you to really see. Those fleeting moments that pass in an instant can live forever with my help. It's worth mentioning that I'm so much easier to use than my predecessors. They lived on a steady diet of film. I just require a freshly charged battery.

I recently heard you say you might get rid of me. The signal came through loud and clear on my built in mic. Seems there's a new star in town, and one that has really captured your fancy. Sure it weighs a bit less and has slimmed down parts, but I can do everything it can. The salesperson told you the time to save is now. He's right, put your credit card away and pick me up instead.  Turn me on, I'm yours. 

Your Camera

Chris Corradino