The Elephant in the Room

I read a fascinating interview with the visual artist, Chris Martin (not to be confused with the singer from Coldplay). He said, "You could buy paintings online made by elephants these days. And elephants are pretty good painters. So if an elephant can make a good painting, then who needs an MFA from Yale? I mean, maybe we should start accepting elephants into graduate school." This statement led me down a path I would have never otherwise checked into.

A quick search online revealed that some Elephants really do take painting classes.  In fact, according to the Elephant Art Gallery website, "It takes only one day to discover if the elephant has real interest in the activity and any aptitude at art. Once the most promising students have been selected, they then continue to be taught for up to a week before they are considered ready to make a living from it." 

They are all quite interesting, but one of my favorites (below) is called "They're Building Over There".

a painting by elephant “Wanalee”

a painting by elephant “Wanalee”

So it turns out that everyone can be helped by a little training, even Elephants with natural artistic talent.  To read the entire interview with Chris Martin, check here.

Chris Corradino