The Little Red Lighthouse, Part 2

The last time I photographed the Little Red Lighthouse, I had a fisheye lens, got very lost, and made an unusual image from beneath the George Washington bridge. My goal this time around was to capture a more realistic view.

I used a 17mm with the trusty Olympus EM-10. By the way, if you missed the controversy caused by my recent guest post, you can review the entire debate in the comments over at 43rumors. Lots of interesting dialogue to say the least. 

The lighthouse essentially became irrelevant when the bridge was built in 1931. According to wikipedia, it fell into disrepair and was nearly torn down. Ironically enough, a children's book had a large part in saving it. It's beautifully illustrated and worth checking out here.

As the temperatures started to dip, the cold winds really picked up from the Hudson River and we retreated back towards warmer ground. Some great color appeared and I made a quick silhouette of the George Washington bridge.