The Oldest Cathedral in Montenegro

The St. Tryphon cathedral is the oldest in Kotor, Montengro.  Unlike most churches in Europe, this structure is much smaller. Despite this, it's one of the more beautiful examples Roman architecture along the Adriatic Sea. It's a Roman Catholic cathedral, consecrated in 1166, and sits on the same site of the original built in 809.  


I arrived at mid-afternoon when the sun was high in the sky. Despite what many photography magazines will tell you, it's still possible to capture great shots at this time of day.  I was drawn to the textured facade showing the year 809. Positioned beneath it, I used a wide angle 17mm lens and searched for just the right angle so the sun beams would peak out from behind the tower.  Camera details: f22, 1/100, ISO 1250.


I walked around and looked for more vantage points before finding this view with the tall mountains of Montenegro in the distance.   

Inside the religious art was quite moving including this tomb. For more on the art in Kotor, check this link


Later on the streets I came across a priest dressed in traditional garb and photographed him discretely (from the hip). My imagination started to run off and I wondered where he was headed and what the papers were about.