Travelogue Day 1: Takeoff at Sunrise

NOTE: This is an excerpt from my travelogue, along with accompanying images from my recent photo workshop "The Hidden Caribbean".  During this expedition, we explored uninhabited islands, photographed the unique terrain, and connected with an impressive array of wildlife both on land, and underwater. 

Day 1: Takeoff at Sunrise

It was fifteen minutes earlier than expected, 3:45am to be exact, when the shimmering black Escalade rolled in front of the house. Having packed everything well in advance, there was no panic, only the reality that it was time to say goodbye to the puppies. The waiting driver's headlights illuminated the frost that formed on our cars overnight, and neighboring homes were mostly dark except a gaggle of Christmas lights left on overnight. As I dragged my fifty pound suitcase along the bumpy sidewalk, I imagined our tropical destination with palm trees and blue waters, all seemingly so far from this frigid place. 


The idea of escaping the northeast in December is quite a thrill, but the journey will not be easy with three separate flights, multiple trips through security, and crowded waiting areas packed with coughing holiday travelers. This year, I'm actually one of the infected, just barely recovering from a heavy cold that had me in bed on Christmas Day. In addition to my normal camera gear and clothing, I had no choice but to pack menthol cough drops, decongestant pills, and tissues. These should not be necessary for long however, as I'm hopeful the Caribbean sunshine will cure anything that ails me. 


During each of the three flights I took iPhone photos to record the occasion and added text to note each location with the PicsArt app. There's just one short flight left, a small craft piloted by "Seaborne". It'll take us from St. Thomas to San Juan in Puerto Rico where our ship will be waiting. 


The Yorktown will be our home away from home, and approximately 85 passengers are joining me from all over the world. Check back each day as I'll be sharing images from each adventure over the next several weeks.  


Chris Corradino