Travelogue Day 2: A Good Day for Brown Boobies and Pelicans

NOTE: This is an excerpt from my travelogue, along with accompanying images from my recent photo workshop "The Hidden Caribbean".  During this expedition, we explored uninhabited islands, photographed the unique terrain, and connected with an impressive array of wildlife both on land, and underwater.

Flying fish skimmed the surface of the choppy blue ocean as our ship "The Yorktown" sailed from San Juan, Puerto Rico towards Jost Van Dyke. Ever the opportunists, a flock of approximately six Brown Boobies hovered in the skies before diving into the waters below.


We watched from the Promenade deck and photographed them using medium telephoto lenses and fast shutter speeds. Since they were mere feet away, huge lenses were not necessary to fill the frame with the beautiful creatures.  Their faces appear to be smiling, with light blue eyes, and powerful wing spans. 

Teaching a passenger how to autofocus and track a fast moving bird.

Teaching a passenger how to autofocus and track a fast moving bird.


The seas are a bit rough right now with a woman at breakfast commenting that she felt like a drunken sailor. We're all staggering about the ship, holding onto handles while taking showers, and carefully walking through the hallway. To counter the possibility of sea sickness we ate a light breakfast.  


Day 2 Continued:

On an expedition cruise, things can change based on the weather or maritime events like Coast Guard or Navy exercises. We've already had several changes including last night's stop in Puerto Rico, and a later than expected start today. My first lecture "The 14 Secrets of Great Photography" will actually not be until Monday which leaves me with some time to explore. We boarded the zodiacs which are small crafts designed for making landfall. It's likely something the Navy Seals use to sneak into enemy territory.


Luckily, the Caribbean seams like a friendly place with pink roofs on colorful houses and bars named "One Love" and "Soggy Dollar". Once we reached the shore of Jost Van Dyke, I kayaked through the ocean to get a better look at some Brown Pelicans on the rocky coast. They were incredible to see in such close proximity, and some swooped and splashed into the ocean directly in front of me. I filmed this with the GoPro camera.

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