Travelogue Day 4: End of the Rainbow, Gorda Peak National Park


We hiked to the peak of Gorda Peak National Park today. At nearly 1400 feet, it's the highest lookout in Virgin Gorda. The rugged uphill climb is lined with moss covered boulders and oversized leaves. The guide pointed out several medium sized snakes on the forest floor, even picking one up so we could get a better look. After about an hour we reached the observation tower with beautiful panoramic views of the surrounding islands. I started shooting with the 70-200mm lens when suddenly, a tropical rain storm passed over. Rather than descending to lower ground, I quickly wrapped the camera under my shirt and hoped the conditions would improve. 

Just three minutes later, the rain stopped, and I studied the way the clouds and the sun mixed. The necessary elements for a rainbow were all there, and sure enough, a huge colorful bow stretched over the landscape. From our raised perch, it was possible to actually see the end of it which illuminated a little island in the sea. This coupled with the blue waters, the clouds, and the little sailboats below made for a picturesque scene.  


TravelogueChris Corradino