Travelogue Day 5: Salt and Peter Island

Many of our excursions to shore start as "wet landings" which involve climbing out of a DIB "Inflatable Boat" and jumping down into the surf. This along with the sea spray form the DIBS can leave you dripping with salt water.


To make sure my camera was not destroyed I wrapped my lowepro holster in a "Target" bag and brought it to Salt Island. Despite the risks, it turned out to be a great decision as the location holds a surprising array of natural diversity starting with really amazing patterns of brain coral.


A brave lizard scurried right up to my lens and stuck out his tongue for a portrait. 


There were also really interesting rock formations and sparkling quartz.


We came upon an old makeshift grave and photographed it from many angles.


Eventually, I stumbled upon a lovely scenic cove with large boulders jutting out from the sea. As the waves lapped the beach, I set up a nice image with the clouds in the lovely blue sky. 


Getting down very low, I photographed some cactus, and also the interesting patterns created by cracks in the mud.


After lunch we headed to Peter Island which is also uninhabited, and proved to be an outstanding snorkel spot. I learned that the darker spots in the water are usually better as that means there are rocks, coral, or grasses underneath. I found a terrific area teaming with bright, colorful fish. With the video rolling, I breathed through the mouthpiece and followed along as the fish seemed to say "come with me, let me show you my world."


My last photo of the day was the big beautiful sun dipping behind overlapping mountains. 

TravelogueChris Corradino