Travelogue Day 8: Snorkeling in St. Thomas

I watched from my cabin window as Sue's shuttle bus pulled away for the airport. The ship was quiet with most passenger's disembarking before 8am. I had a light breakfast before straightening up my cabin and taking inventory of the remaining clean clothes I had for the next week. The crew worked to prepare the ship for the next group of guests. Rather than milling around and being unproductive, I knew the best plan would be to take my own excursion. I left the port and boarded an open air cab for Magans Bay. It was ten dollars and a 40 minute ride from the Crown Bay Marina.


It felt good to get in the water, and I came across these colorful Sergeant Major fish within minutes. There was a strange sensation on my back, and suddenly I noticed rain drops piercing the surface of the water. I kept shooting...


Like most tropical rains, it only fell for a short while, and left a beautiful sky behind with puffy clouds. A Brown Pelican floated by and took a closer look at my gear.


I dove back down, studied the ocean floor and started the video just in case something appeared. Just in front of me, the faint outline of what appeared to be a turtle came into focus. Overjoyed, I inched closer until the bluish outline became clear. There before me was a beautiful Sea Turtle. The sunlight streamed through the water illuminating its carapace.


The video kept rolling as the turtle made a quick turn to the left, offering a view of the profile. He appeared to become aware of my presence at this point, and started ascending further towards the surface before inevitably peaking his head up for a breath of air. The turtle made a quick descent about 10 - 12 feet, and rested on the bottom. At that depth, it was difficult to really see or film, so I swam away and left him in peace. It was the first Sea Turtle I'd ever seen in the wild, and it certainly did not disappoint.  


TravelogueChris Corradino