Upcoming Workshop: Washington DC

On Saturday April 5, 2014 Washington DC will be hopping with activity and I'll be holding a one day photo workshop for photographers of all skill levels. This includes five hours of field instruction with a shoot at sunrise and sunset, a wonderful lunch, and a portfolio review. The workshop is limited to five participants to ensure everyone receives personalized attention. I hope you can join us for a memorable day in our nation's capital.


DAWN and SUNRISE  6:00am - 9:00am

To take full advantage of the golden morning light, we will meet at 6am for a sunrise shoot around the beautiful Tidal Basin. There, we will create memorable photos of several historic monuments. 

LUNCH and PORTFOLIO REVIEW 1:30pm - 4:00pm

In the afternoon, we will re-gather for lunch (included) and a portfolio review session in a comfortable lounge. You will receive in-depth feedback and helpful advice on your images, post-processing technique, and more.  

SUNSET and DUSK  6:00pm - 8:00pm

As the sun sets, we will photograph the numerous monuments and memorials in the National Mall.  To maximize the magic light, we will continue shooting into dusk, creating breathtaking images along the way.


Testimonials from Previous Participants:

"Thanks to Chris and Sue for a  fabulous day in DC.  I learned so much in one day about photography as well   as my camera.  I learned to use many features of my camera that  previously  I had no idea how to use. Chris keeps these workshops to small groups for  personalized attention and boy did we ever get personal attention.  It  seemed like every time I snapped a pic, Chris was looking over my  shoulder waiting to critique the shot and offer suggestions as to how to   make the picture better.  It was an awesome day and I highly recommend   signing up for one of the workshops." - Peter

"Chris provided excellent photography instruction in a small group setting. The weekend workshop I booked with Chris was well planned and structured. There were several hours of photographing in well selected locations, there was a discussion and image review, and additional information about post production and online tools were given. Chris knows his subject matter inside out! The instruction provided has enabled me to use all featured on my camera. Plus, I took away wonderful images, and I have never gone back to any of the automatic/semi-automatic modes. This man is a pro! Thanks a lot!" - Angela

Please note:

  • There is no guarantee that Cherry Blossoms will be blooming upon our arrival. Nevertheless, there is so much to see and photograph in this area.
  • This event is rain or shine, so please plan accordingly.  If the weather is exceptionally poor, I reserve the right to alter the agenda as needed.   
  • Hotel and Transportation are not included.  It's recommended you book well in advance for the best rates. Upon registering, I will send an email with a few hotel options. 
  • Each participant must have sufficient mobility. This ensures that the photography opportunities of both yourself and the other participants are not affected.  Comfortable walking sneakers are recommended.

Cancellation Policy

If you must withdraw from the workshop more than 60 days before the starting date (April 5, 2014), your payment will be refunded in full.

If you must withdraw 31 to 60 days before April 5, 2014, 25% of your total payment will be forfeited.

If you withdraw 30 days or less before April 6, 2014, 100% of your total fee will be forfeited.

While unlikely, I reserve the right to cancel a photo workshop for any reason. If an event is cancelled, 100% of your payment will be refunded.

Chris Corradino