Walking With Purpose


Many of the photos I post here show the gritty aspects of NY. Often, I'm hustling through the streets, walking with purpose, shooting from the hip to reveal the human condition here in Manhattan. The truth is, the darker sides of the city are more evident, with homeless and struggling folks on nearly every corner. Still, it's not all bad, as there are amazing acts of kindness happening all around us each day.

On this particular morning, I came to a complete stop and chose to capture a positive note that caught my eye. I imagined the maker drawing out each letter in chalk despite the suspicious eyes of passerbys, security cameras, cops, etc. It was a timely message from someone who understood that we all could use more uplifting energy in this world. Through my camera, I was able to connect with these intentions, and am happy to share it here with you. Using a wide angle lens, I knelt down on a busy corner of Times Square, and captured this frame as pedestrians hurried past.

I know there are more signs like this if only I remain open to seeing them. Are there parts of your hometown that show the bright side of the human spirit? If so, please do share over on the Facebook page.


Chris Corradino