Website Momentum for 2014

For years I've imagined a website with massive screen filling images that looked great on a variety of screens from a 27" Cinema Display, a tablet, or a smart phone. With this latest version of Christography, that vision is now a reality. Each photo is front and center, with little to distract from it. Whether the sand encrusted whiskers of a Harbor Seal, or the gnats buzzing around the Black Bear, viewers can now see extraordinary detail in each scene. To see more info about any particular image, the little "i" in the upper right hand corner will reveal a title and caption. 


In addition to these visual changes, there are several improvements under the hood that will improve the overall browsing experience. If you are using a touch screen device, you can simply swipe your finger to navigate through the galleries. It's also possible to access the social pages from anywhere in the site as they're anchored in the bottom nav bar. The blog, now dubbed "Daily Ink", is bordered by an authentic, textured wall in NYC. If you enjoy a post, I encourage you to hit the "Share" button and repost it to your own friends.  


I believe web design is something that is never really finished, but rather an evolving expression of one's art. This new version does not reinvent the way we access a site, but does maximize the technology available today. I hope you enjoy it.

Chris Corradino