What About HDR?

I've recently had the wonderful opportunity to speak with large groups of photographers while presenting to various camera clubs on Long Island. When I mention that I no longer have Photoshop on my computer, an audible gasp follows. My goal has always been to document the fleeting moments of life. Of course I still do basic edits like cropping, contrast, and saturation adjustment using Lightroom 4, but that's where it stops. National Geographic photographer Annie Griffiths writes "Photographs have given us visual proof that the world is grander than we imagined." 

"What about HDR?" someone will inevitably ask.  I can only tell you from my own travels the ways in which my heart pounds while chasing the magic light of sunset over a mountain range, or witnessing the breathtaking power and grace of an animal catching its prey in the wild. It's experiences like these that allow me to connect with a subject through my lens in a way that no post-production technique could ever recreate. My hope is for you to also experience this same joy through your own camera.

Chris Corradino