Wind Turbines at Sunrise on Long Island


Just a few years ago I attended a town hall meeting to debate the possibility of placing wind turbines along the south shore of Long Island.  With people on both sides of the issue, it was a boisterous evening filled with passionate opinions.  Proponents of the project felt it would reduce our dependency on oil and other natural resources, and help provide cleaner renewable energy.  Those in opposition argued it would destroy the view and become nothing but a rusted eyesore.  

As a photographer, I actually find them to be quite beautiful aesthetically.  As for their usefulness, I once shopped in a mall in Canada that was 100% powered by wind. This seems like a pretty wise option in my opinion.  

The project being debated that night never materialized.  Yet as oil prices continued to climb higher and the cost of fuel skyrocketed, more people warmed to the idea of renewable energy.  As a compromise, several windmills were installed in less visible locations near Lido Boulevard.

This morning as I drove towards the shore to photograph birds, I was greeted by a stunning view of a working wind turbine.  I reached my destination, set up the tripod and used a slow shutter speed to show the motion of the blades as a massive sun rose over the horizon.  I think it adds beauty to the scene rather than detracting from it.  What's your take?

Tech details: 400mm lens, f32, 1/40, ISO 400


Chris Corradino