Some Notes About Our Lessons

As I prepare lessons for our studio time, I’m building slides that focus on the creative mental aspects of photography rather than the technical parts. Sure I’ll have some details about fstops, shutter speeds, and ISO. Still, great photography is about so much more than what camera settings you choose. These keynote presentations will also be available as PDFs that you can download and save. I find it helps to revisit these notes after you’ve returned home.

Of course there is no substitute for actually doing it. As such, we’ll be applying these methods during our time in the field. I can’t wait to share with each of you.

Some of the lessons I’ve created include:

•The 14 Secrets of Great Photography

•How to Create Pictures that Tell Stories

•Travel Photography Tips the Tour Guide Won’t Tell You

•The Photography Rules and How to Break Them

Chris Corradino