Complete Online and Phone Mentoring Package

Complete Online and Phone Mentoring Package

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  • - Six 1 Hour Phone or Skype Sessions

  • - Unlimited Email Support

  • - Personalized to Your Goals

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I provide online mentoring for passionate photographers around the world with this package. Your personalized training includes six one hour sessions via phone or Skype.

Typically, clients send me photos they want to discuss, or any questions they have in mind. I cover everything from technical camera details to post production, gear selection, industry and business topics, websites, social media marketing and more. 

Chris - that was just the most fantastically helpful session. Thank you so much!! I couldn’t be happier to have you as a teacher! I think I need to plan another trip to NY for in-person time. But really, it does seem we’ve hit our stride where working on the phone is concerned.
— Mallory