Unspoiled Iceland

It seems we are always reaching for something. Money, happiness, success, promotions, love... Impatiently, we claw our way towards it, rarely pausing to enjoy the pursuit. Boxes get checked off the bucket list and we move from one thing to the next. Yet, in my travels around the globe and also through life, I'm learning it's the actual journey that brings the most joy.

The same is true for me in photography. The few seconds I actually press the shutter are fleeting, but the experiences, relationships, and knowledge attained along the way remain forever. Having a photo to commemorate it is a visual representation of this inner quest.

Before I head out, I no longer create "shot lists" of things I must photograph. Instead, I commit to going with the flow, taking it all in, and letting situations unfold organically. This has led to more adventure, and therefore, more meaningful photographs.

Whenever I approach an assignment...I try to show an ordinary subject in a new way. I say to myself, What haven’t I seen? Is there something here I can look at in a different way that will change the subject for me?
— James A. Sugar